Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Faith Leaders Meet with Senator Nelson's Staff in Lincoln and DC

On Thursday, November 19, faith leaders with Interfaith Worker Justice of Nebraska met with Senator Nelson's staff in both Lincoln and in Washington, DC. A coalition of folks from both Lincoln and Omaha met with the Chief of Staff, Tim Becker on Thursday afternoon in Lincoln. Faith leaders shared concerns about the need for reform and for Senator Nelson's support to allow the bill to proceed to debate on the floor of the Senate. Faith leaders told stories of those without insurance and those who struggle with the insurance and costs that they do have. Although Tim Becker did not say at the time what Senator Nelson's plans for the vote for motion to proceed were, the next day it was announced that he would vote 'yes.' A letter calling for reform signed by over 50 clergy from across the state was delivered to the staff as well. In addition, faith leaders asked for a 'yes' vote for cloture and on the final bill. While Tim Becker did not make promises, he did say that Nelson would do what he thinks is right and do what he can to make the bill one that would best for all Nebraskans. Rev. Frederick J. McCullough (St. John AME Church, Omaha) and two other members of IWJ of Nebraska met with Senator Nelson's staff in Washington, DC on the same day. They too shared stories and called for the Senator's support of health care reform that is affordable and accessible for all Nebraskans, especially those whose voices are not often heard.

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